Resins & Binders

Resins and binders are used to deliver desired protective and performance properties, enhanced aesthetic appeal, resistance to chemicals, water and abrasion resistance for a variety of materials, such as coatings for rigid substrates, inks, coatings for flexible substrates and adhesives. The right resin and binder technology will improve the ease and speed of applying coatings to surfaces, and provide an alternative to 2-component, solvent-borne systems with 1-component, water-borne systems.

Lubrizol is a global innovator and manufacturer of diverse resin and binder technologies that provide performance where needed to meet customer-specific requirements and global sustainable environmental and user concerns. We also work closely with customers to customize resins and binders to meet unique application challenges.

Through ongoing dialogue with customers, decades of experience in specialty solvent- and water-borne solutions, and continuous learning, we understand market trends and industry needs. Together with broad application and regulation knowledge and extensive laboratory capabilities that use the latest standards and testing technologies, we develop innovative, customized solutions for today and for future needs—including sustainable coating and ink resins and binders.

Typical Applications

Lubrizol resins and binders—whether acrylic emulsions, polyurethane dispersions, PVC/PVDC emulsions or other product—are highly engineered and ready to deliver desired protective and performance properties across a variety of applications. These applications include paper and nonwovens, textiles,coating resin for paints and coatings, and ink resin for printing, and packaging coatings and adhesives.

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