Solution Acrylics

Solution acrylics are typically used in applications requiring the highest performance of outdoor durability, chemical resistance and hardness. Solution acrylics are acrylic polymers covering a broad range of glass transition temperatures and functionality.

Lubrizol has developed a number of innovative solution acrylics that include high performance hydroxyl functional acrylic polyols and thermoplastic acrylic resins for high-performance coatings for use in building and construction, general industrial, and printing and packaging applications.

With deep know-how and designated center of excellent for printing and packaging solutions, we develop products that are designed to meet customer and end-use demands. We continuously develop new innovations to meet dynamic regulations and can adapt existing products to meet new regulations, customer demands and specific performance requirements.

Typical Applications

Lubrizol solution acrylics are used in a number of applications, including printing and packaging for hot stamp foil holographic applications to enhance the hardness, gloss and thermal stability performance of hot stamping foil coatings and in lacquers and varnishes for paper metallization. In building and construction applications, Lubrizol solution acrylics deliver product versatility to be adapted to high-level requirements. Resins with a quick drying profile make application times shorter and improve effective working times and excellent abrasion resistance and durability when applied on cementitious-based material or natural substrates and durable pigmented and clear coats. In protective coatings, Lubrizol hydroxyl functional acrylic polyols provide excellent gloss retention, adhesion to multiple substrates, hardness and protection. Our hydroxyl functional acrylicrange from low to high functionality and solid content to cover a wide range of final coatings requirements.  

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