The printing market—whether digital or analog—requires printing inks and ink receptive coatings that can meet evolving needs and specific requirements, and deliver any number of properties to the substrate being used in graphic arts and ink applications. Lubrizol has been a leading global innovator in developing high-performing resins and polymers for the printing and packaging market for many years.

Lubrizol is dedicated to understanding the consumer, end use and customer needs of the printing and packaging industries. With market leading component technology for printing inks and digital inks, we collaborate to drive differentiated performance for printed products. This collaboration allows for the right balance of quality, durability and aesthetics formulators and customers seek as we work to identify unique challenges and synthesize and formulate innovative new solutions that create new opportunities in the market.

To find the ideal solution, our technical service specialists works side-by-side with customers to personally guide them through the product selection process. To address unique challenges, we can tailor a formulation to meet customer-specified production and performance requirements. Lubrizol combines extensive market knowledge, chemistry innovation, testing capabilities and global accessibility with local response to understand unique challenges and to formulate differentiated performance.

Typical Applications

Our ink receptive coatings and additives for printing inks are used in a variety of packaging, paper, film, label, textile and ceramic substrate applications for the right balance of aesthetics, durability and quality.


Technologies commonly used in the printing market include color dispersionsdispersants, resins, and wax additives.

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