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With extensive experience in surface protection, dispersion, adhesion, and barrier properties, Lubrizol enhances the performance, productivity, and sustainability benefits of our customers’ products in diverse markets:


Dispersants for color concentrates to reduce milling time, improve aesthetics and coating properties, and reduce pigment costs.


Electronic applications require coating technologies with rheology control, dispersion stability and controlled molecular weight.


Coatings and adhesives for packaging applications have unique demands of resin and polymer technologies.

Paints & Coatings

Advanced resins, dispersants, and wax additives bring performance, simplicity, and sustainability benefits for coatings.

Paper & Nonwovens

A wide range of resin and binder technologies help formulators meet coating challenges for paper and nonwoven applications.

Plastics & Composites

Unique technologies help disperse pigment and functional additives in plastics and composites applications.


Lubrizol dispersants and resins enhance the performance of inks and coatings for analog and digital printing applications.


Coating technologies from Lubrizol bring a range of new performance capabilities for textile applications.