Lanco™ Surface Modifiers

Lanco™ surface modifiers are designed to enhance and protect the appearance of multiple substrates with their formulation into water-borne, solvent-borne, energy cured, and powder coatings, as well as energy-cured and conventional inks. Industrial coatings for wood, metal, plastics, and flexible substrates (such as paper, film, and fabric), as well as printing ink, benefit from Lanco surface modifiers with optimized aesthetic and durability properties. Available as micronized powders and liquid preparations, including dispersed and emulsified forms, Lanco surface modifiers are ready to deliver outstanding performance characteristics while simplifying handling processes.

For wood substrates, Lanco surface modifiers deliver outstanding performance. They enhance the performance of wood finishes in many ways, including matting, scratch/mar resistance, block resistance, and slip control. Used for decades in the furniture industry, Lanco surface modifiers protect wood finishes and lower gloss while providing a soft, smooth feel to the finish. Lanco surface modifiers for wood coatings are supplied as micronized powders, dispersions, emulsions or 100% active liquids depending on end application method.

Lanco surface modifiers enhance properties in aqueous and solvent-borne plastic coatings, such as providing water, abrasion, and block resistance for automotive, consumer electronics, and sporting goods applications. Lanco products also enhance aesthetics by providing controlled feel and gloss control on a variety of polymeric substrates.

Flexible films are enhanced by Lanco surface modifiers by modifying COF, gloss, providing water, abrasion, scratch and mar resistance, and influences release and anti-blocking properties. Lanco surface modifiers include a wide range of polymers and particle sizes to the formulator to meet the demanding needs of improving throughput while enhancing product quality for flexible packaging and printing inks.

Certain Lanco surface modifiers are available for use in applications requiring compliance with the Code of Federal Regulations for coatings and inks in direct contact with beverages and packaged food items.

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