Carboset Water-Borne Acrylic Emulsions

Carboset® Acrylic Resins

Carboset® acrylic resins are formulated to provide surface protection in high performance, water-borne coatings, particularly in construction, industrial, wood and automotive applications.

Carboset acrylic emulsions offer the building and construction industry excellent surface protection, barrier properties and drying characteristics. This translates to durability and faster application for acrylic emulsion based coatings for roofs, floors and exterior walls. Performance properties include controlled elasticity, dirt pick-up resistance, gloss retention, resistance to chemicals, water and stains, while speeding up dry time and hardness development. Lubrizol's water-borne acrylic emulsion technology delivers value to formulators through improved coating performance and formulation robustness. Contractors benefit from better drying characteristics that decrease time to achieve full performance, reducing time to complete work. Property owners enjoy visually appealing surfaces with less money spent on renovation and maintenance.

In industrial and automotive metal coatings, Carboset acrylic emulsions provide formulators with long-term corrosion protection and superior performance to extend coating life. They are especially effective in promoting water resistance, humidity resistance, hardness and high gloss properties. Carboset acrylic emulsions also deliver labor savings with fast application and excellent coverage for less overall coats in the system. Formulations based on Carboset water-borne acrylic emulsion resins are robust and offer lasting aesthetic appeal to protect and retain desired properties over time.

Carboset water-borne acrylic emulsion technology provides wood coatings with scratch resistance, early hardness development and chemical resistance to DIY/Contractor applied and OEM wood finishes. Carboset acrylic emulsions can be used in primers, stains, sealers and topcoats. The Carboset product line includes acrylic emulsions and dispersions that are low VOC capable, APEO-free and contain high renewable content to meet global regulatory standards and customer requirements. Carboset technology delivers core properties that enable wood coatings to be more durable, easy to use and environmentally conscious.

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