Carboset® CA7160 RC   Acrylic Dispersion

Semi-Elastomeric Styrene-Acrylic Polymer

Carboset® CA7160 RC is an APEO and formaldehyde free water-based styrene acrylic emulsion specifically developed for semi-elastomeric vertical masonry coatings. High performance coatings can be formulated using Carboset CA7160 RC for a variety of construction materials including concrete block, brick, stucco and EIFS and fiber-cement surfaces. These coatings are applied at approximately 10 mils dry and have elongation between 200 and 400%. Carboset CA7160 RC based masonry coatings have superior performance relative to architectural coatings and are more economical than elastomeric masonry coatings typically applied at 20 mils dry. Carboset CA7160 RC provides a unique combination of coating properties. Coatings based on this polymer have demonstrated excellent dirt pick-up resistance, efflorescence resistance, water resistance and weathering leading to clean, long lasting coating performance. Carboset CA7160 RC was developed to provide high alkali resistance for greater application flexibility (time, substrate) including application with or without primers. Carboset CA7160 RC based coatings have good adhesion to masonry, wood and metal substrates.

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  • Building & Construction Coatings 
  • APEO-Free
  • Formaldehyde-Free
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