Data Center

Immersion Cooling for Data Centers

The world’s computing power is growing faster than ever before. This means data centers are processing more information and running at higher temperatures to keep up. Air conditioners have been the solution, but this isn’t always environmentally friendly, especially in markets with poor air quality. CompuZol™ Immersion Fluid Solution is Lubrizol’s patent-pending immersion cooling solution that cools the servers right at their source, allowing them to be submerged in fluids that dissipate heat, ensure reliability and use far less energy.

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As hybrid electric vehicle and electric vehicle markets continue to expand, so does our range of solutions that optimize performance. Our specialized thermal management fluids enable efficient performance and durability of batteries and electronics prone to high temperatures degradation.

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A Lubrizol Partnership

Lubrizol helps solve some of the world’s biggest challenges through a unique combination of chemistry, formulating, applications testing and market insights.

More than 90 years of expertise in complex chemistry ensures tailored, high-performance solutions matched in strength by our global supply chain, allowing our customers to quickly scale in geographies important to them and their goals.