Sustainability Engineered Polymers


We integrate life cycle thinking into product development and portfolio management, while building sustainability considerations into the performance properties of our products.

Synthetic Leather

Discover the premium quality of our ESTANE® material for synthetic leather, a vegan and sustainable solution.


Bio TPU™ by Lubrizol

Derived from renewable resources without sacrificing performance or benefits compared to traditional petroleum-based TPU.

Product Finder

Product Finder

Find the Lubrizol Engineered Polymers material that fits your needs.

100% TPU Prototype Shoe

Our 100% TPU prototype shoe helps realize a closed circularity loop from "production" to "recycling" and contains bio-content grades from renewable sources.

ESTANE TPU Solutions for PPF

TPU Solutions for PPF

We're an experienced, engaged solutions partner that helps film processors, coaters and PPF brand owners drive innovation in this dynamic and growing market.

Lubrizol eSolutions for Electronics Applications

Lubrizol eSolutions for Electronics

Have an electronics application in mind and looking for the right solution? -or- Have an idea in mind and looking for the right technology? Start exploring now.

Lubrizol 3D Printing Solutions

Lubrizol 3D Printing Solutions

Lubrizol 3D Printing Solutions combines material expertise with additive manufacturing capabilities to transform our customers’ visions into new innovations.

Markets and Applications

Performance Footwear

Performance Footwear

Lubrizol's innovative TPU portfolio for footwear can be used to develop every component of the shoe while providing advanced performance, automation and sustainability.

Performance Apparel

Performance Apparel

Lubrizol's performance apparel solutions, powered by X4zol™-J fiber technology, stretches the limits in apparel performance, innovation and circularity.


Lubrizol eSolutions for Electronics enable one-stop tailored & validated solutions that help drive continuous product advancements, integration and speed-to-market.
Wire and Cable

Wire and Cable Solutions

Wire and cable jackets with TPU provide the toughness, flexibility, flame retardancy and abrasion resistance to extend durability and service life.
Coatings Film

Film and Sheet

Lubrizol’s TPU combines durability and flexibility with protective barrier properties to create innovative solutions for film and sheet applications.



Lubrizol’s TPU can be used in most every type of vehicle, providing safety, comfort, durability and environmental benefits.
Hose and Tube

Hose and Tube

Lubrizol’s unique manufacturing process and wide product portfolio provides many unique advantages for the hose, tube and profile markets.
TPU For Adhesives


Lubrizol is uniquely positioned to provide the highest quality TPU to satisfy customers with melting range needs across a wide crystallization range.
TPU Pellets


Lubrizol can enhance the properties of a wide range of plastics and elastomers to improve impact, transparency, strength, abrasion resistance and adhesion.