TPU for Outsoles

Estane® TRX TPU

Estane® TRX TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) is making tracks as the innovative rubber replacement for outdoor, athletic and work shoe outsoles.

Estane® SKN TPU

Estane® SKN TPU

An anti-blooming, high transparency TPU that provides superior aesthetics, protection and design flexibility for mobile phones and electronic devices.

Estane® VSN TPU for Eyewear

Estane® VSN TPU for Eyewear

From high-performing properties to high-impact protection, each of our materials are designed to meet the demands of the premium and specialty eyewear industry.

Hot Melt Adhesives

Hot Melt Adhesives

Introducing Pearlbond™ TPU for Hot Melt Adhesives. Pearlbond TPUs provide the flexibility to join seemingly endless types of materials together to take innovative new product designs to market.

Smart Watch

Engineered Polymers in Action

Discover the many performance apparel applications of our engineered polymers.


Bio TPU™ by Lubrizol

Derived from renewable resources and serving the most technologically demanding markets.

Innovative Materials

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Markets and Applications

Wire and Cable

Wire and Cable Solutions

Wire and cable jackets with TPU provide the toughness, flexibility, flame retardancy and abrasion resistance to extend durability and service life.
Coatings Film

Film and Sheet

Lubrizol’s TPU combines durability and flexibility with protective barrier properties to create innovative solutions for film and sheet applications.

Hose and Tube

Hose and Tube

Lubrizol’s unique manufacturing process and wide product portfolio provides many unique advantages for the hose, tube and profile markets.
TPU For Adhesives


Lubrizol is uniquely positioned to provide the highest quality TPU to satisfy customers with melting range needs across a wide crystallization range.
TPU For Transportation


Lubrizol’s TPU can be used in most every type of vehicle, providing safety, comfort, durability and environmental benefits.
TPU Pellets


Lubrizol can enhance the properties of a wide range of plastics and elastomers to improve impact, transparency, strength, abrasion resistance and adhesion.


The most sensitive electronics components and packaging require the highest level of protection. Lubrizol is the pioneer in static control and conductive polymer solutions.
Performance Footwear

Performance Footwear

Lubrizol's product portfolio is preferred by end-users, design engineers and processors for outstanding properties in demanding applications.
Performance Apparel

Performance Apparel

Lubrizol's engineered polymer solutions have been quietly but undeniably improving the clothes we wear for over 50 years.