TPU for wire and cable

Wire and Cable Solutions

No condition is too extreme

What environmental forces does your wire or cable endure?

Wire and cable jackets made with our thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) provide the toughness, flexibility at lower temperatures, flame retardancy and abrasion resistance needed to extend the durability and service life of cables - whether they're stored outdoors, reeled and unreeled in extreme climates, twisted over rocky terrain, pulled through desert sands or arctic ice, or submerged in water.


  • Power/Energy: building/construction, mining, coiled/spiral cables, electric vehicle (EV) chargers, alternative energy
  • Telecommunication: telephone/data, military, fiber optics
  • Geophysical: land/marine, ocean bottom/off-shore, umbilical
  • Automotive: anti-lock braking systems-ABS harnesses sensor battery
  • Oil & Gas: multi-layer, single layer, MUX, downhole and seismic cable
  • Industrial: robot, chain, signal
  • Mass Transit: train/boat/airplane and subway/airport/public buildings
  • Miscellaneous: spiral/retractable, video/audio

Lubrizol Product Solutions for Wire and Cable