Materials Science Taken Further, Faster

Lubrizol eSolutions for Electronics deliver tailored solutions that lead to powerful advancements in the must-have electronics of today and tomorrow. Our expansive materials science expertise encourages designers to explore new materials, unfold new solutions and push boundaries to take products even further. This ultimately helps you create scalable innovation and new products that lead to smarter, healthier, more comfortable lives. 


Lubrizol eSolutions for:

Flexible Electronics

Flexible Electronics

Collaborative materials science expertise to optimize the flexibility and functionality of sensors and conductive inks used in flexible hybrid electronics.


Soft touch and flexible material solutions that provide performance, comfort and confidence for wearable electronics.
Electronics Accessories and Components

Electronic Accessories and Components

Innovative polymer solutions engineered to enhance end user experience through increased protection, durability and aesthetics of electronic accessories and components. 

Battery Internal


Advanced material solutions for inside the battery, designed to improve performance of electrodes, separators, and electrolyte components.

TPU for Flexible Displays for Mobile Devices

Flexible Displays

Durable, agile materials that offer excellent recovery and flexibility for foldable and stretchable electronic displays.
TPU for Electronic Processing

Electronics Processing

Specialty engineered materials that offer permanent electrostatic dissipative (ESD) protection for sensitive electronics manufacturing parts and packaging.

Upcoming Events

We will be presenting our Lubrizol eSolutions for Electronics at the following events:


March 22-24, 2022
Munich, Germany 
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