New Products

OIlkemia™ 5S Rheology Modifier

Oilkemia™ 5S polymer

Highly efficient and versatile rheology modifier for skin, sun and color cosmetic oil systems with enchanting textures.

Fixate™ Keratin polymer

Fixate™ Keratin

Achieve hair transformation from the inside with this non-formaldehyde-based, thermal-activated, two-component technology.

Fensebiome Peptide

Fensebiome™ Peptide

Helps the skin regain its original strength to face urban life by reinforcing its microbial and physical barrier functions

Lumicease Blue Ingredient

Lumicease™ Blue Ingredient

Prepares, protects and repairs the skin exposed to solar and blue light helping minimize the main signs of digital and photoaging.

New Concepts

Wash Forward

Wash Forward

5 alternative routes to cleansing that combine mildness, convenience, hybridity, sensory, and sustainability.

Beauty Routine

Beauty Routine for Skin Perfection

Six formulations with the best combination of powerful and effective ingredients for an around the clock sensory experience!

Expect the Unexpected

Expect the Unexpected

Engaging the Millennial generation and satisfying their multiple contradictions with 7 formulations to take care of their skin and hair with a fun game of textures.

From The Blog

Read the latest from Lubrizol Personal Care experts! Our extensive market knowledge and formulation expertise help our partners create next-generation beauty products.

Custom is the New Consumer Type

Posted by Lindsay Lipp | 01/18/2019

The demand for personalized products has reached new heights. 

Categories: Bath and Shower

Now Trending... New Hair Care Formats

Posted by Danielle Grossman | 01/14/2019

New hair care formats have gained momentum in today’s marketplace.

Categories: Hair Care

Protecting your Skin from Blue Light

Posted by Dorota Niemczycka | 01/07/2019

We’re well aware of the damage UV light can do to our skin, but there is another type of light that, though lesser known, also poses a danger.

Categories: Skin Care

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