Keeping up with the ever-changing beauty landscape can be difficult and time-consuming enough. So, how do our customers stay ahead of it?

The Foresee Lab™ platform within Lubrizol Life Science, seamlessly connects all those dots by accessing the industry’s best minds. Forecasting trends before they emerge. Translating data into valuable consumer insights. Identifying unmet needs. And offering holistic solutions that employ the latest science to improve people’s lives. Foresee Lab™, shaping the future of beauty.

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Chromapol™ ColorPOP polymer

Improves color intensity and saturation while maintaining tonality as well as provides conditioning benefits to the hair fiber.

Future Trends & Consumer Insights

2022 Beauty Trends: The Discerning Beauty Shopper

Posted by Paola Pérez | 01/31/2022

Whether they want to understand the science behind results before buying, reduce the number of products they use, or are buying only from brands that put purpose over profit, consumers will become more selective in their purchases and manufacturers more purpose-driven in the production. In the second of our 2022 Beauty Trends series, we look at each of these recent shifts and what they mean for the new year.

Categories: Skin Care, Hair Care, Skin Cleansing

2022 Beauty Trends: The Wellness Revolution

Posted by Paola Pérez | 01/18/2022

As we look to the new year, the Foresee Lab™ at Lubrizol Life Science Beauty has envisioned future trends to determine what people will want from their beauty products in 2022. 

Categories: Hair Care, Skin Care, Skin Cleansing

Online Beauty Conversations: What Consumers Want

Posted by Paola Pérez | 12/02/2021

In this second post in our Online Beauty Conversations series, our team looks at what consumers are repeatedly looking for in all types of beauty and color cosmetic products. 

Categories: Skin Care

We Help Our Customers Shape the Future of Beauty

Keeping up with the ever-changing beauty landscape can be difficult and time-consuming enough. Do you want to stay ahead of it? Foresee Lab™ can create Curated Content and Customized Solutions. Delivering client-specific future trends and consumer insights combined with our extensive expertise in the latest technology and science to enlighten and inspire.