We empower our clients to shape the future of beauty.

By connecting them with the latest science, trends and consumer insights from around the globe, Foresee Lab™ inspires innovation and sparks creativity.

This enables our customers to enrich their businesses, as well as the lives of those they serve.

Market influences and drivers are coming from all directions—the environment, economy, technology, media, even shifting demographics. And while there’s no shortage of industry experts, trend watchers and market data, there is a shortage of time and resources to tap into them.

Foresee Lab™ seamlessly connects all those dots by accessing the industry’s best minds. Forecasting trends before they emerge. Translating data into valuable consumer insights. Identifying unmet needs. And offering holistic solutions that employ the latest science to improve people’s lives.

Future Thinking

Applying future thinking methods and accessing to multiple research sources, Foresee Lab™ introduces what’s coming next in the beauty industry, providing exciting and provocative points-of-view. Spotting emerging trends that will impact tomorrow’s beauty consumers and assessing future scenarios, Foresee Lab™ helps our clients to focus on future opportunities strategically.

Consumer & Market Insights

We deliver value to our customers bringing actionable insights coupled with our unique technical capabilities to enable new growth opportunities. With 10 countries researched the past year, 9,000+ consumers and 3,500+ professionals surveyed across the value chain, Foresee Lab™ helps to leverage insights locally and globally.


Foresee Lab™ connects the future trends and consumers' insights with the most innovative and substantiated portfolios of active and functional ingredients in the beauty industry that LLS Beauty offers. We bring differentiated solutions to enhance performance, deliver esthetic benefits, and provide a superior sensory experience to help consumers live a better life.

New Products

Future Trends & Consumer Insights

Ecocentric Beauty

Posted by Paola Pérez | 06/09/2021

Consumers want beauty routines that take care of not only themselves but also the environment. 

Categories: Hair Care, Skin Care, Skin Cleansing

2021 Trend: Transhumanism and Hair Loss

Posted by Paola Pérez | 03/15/2021

Hair loss is a common concern for both men and women, with 85 percent of men and 40 percent of women experiencing hair loss by their 40s and 50s, according to the American Hair Loss Association.

Categories: Hair Care, Skin Cleansing, Skin Care

Stay Tuned for our latest advisory in Color Cosmetics

Posted by Paola Pérez | 03/09/2021

Consumers of color makeup are talking up a storm! And LLS Beauty is in the middle of the surge with the latest reports.  

Categories: Skin Care

We Help Our Customers Shape the Future of Beauty

Keeping up with the ever-changing beauty landscape can be difficult and time-consuming enough. Do you want to stay ahead of it? Foresee Lab™ can create Curated Content and Customized Solutions. Delivering client-specific future trends and consumer insights combined with our extensive expertise in the latest technology and science to enlighten and inspire.