Keeping up with the ever-changing beauty landscape can be difficult and time-consuming enough. So, how do our customers stay ahead of it?

The Foresee Lab™ platform within Lubrizol Life Science, seamlessly connects all those dots by accessing the industry’s best minds. Forecasting trends before they emerge. Translating data into valuable consumer insights. Identifying unmet needs. And offering holistic solutions that employ the latest science to improve people’s lives. Foresee Lab™, shaping the future of beauty.

Highlighted Ingredients

Fensebiome™ peptide solution

NEW TEST. Recent data showed an increase in beneficial scalp microbiota that tends to decrease with age and a modulation of age-induced microbiota changes, associated with a rejuvenated and healthier scalp.

Carbopol® SC-800 polymer

Optimized to provide efficient viscosity, long-term thermal stability and excellent clarity in mild and sulfate-free surfactant formulations.

Uplevity™ e-Lift peptide

Inspired by microcurrent devices, a sustainable tetrapeptide that mimics the benefits of electrical stimulation on the skin for an upper face lifting and anti-wrinkle effect.

Argireline® YOUth peptide

Prevent the emergence of future expression wrinkles in the eye, forehead, nasolabial, and neck regions with an oil soluble version of Argireline® peptide.


Stevisse™ advanced botanical ingredient

New data on the retinoid-like alternative obtained through Phenobio™ subcritical water technology from organic leaves

Resulook™️ advanced botanical ingredient

Obtained through eco-friendly Phenobio™ subcritical water technology, it improves hair nourishment, anchorage, growth and density of eyelashes and eyebrows.

Telophi™ biotech ingredient

Extract produced by biotechnology to protect telocytes and proliferating epidermal stem cells from psychological stress to preserve the skin organization and approach Phi Beauty.


Chromapol™ ColorPOP polymer

Improves color intensity and saturation while maintaining tonality as well as provides conditioning benefits to the hair fiber.

Future Trends & Consumer Insights

Pushing Sustainable Makeup Boundaries

Posted by Paola Pérez | 05/08/2024

Beauty consumers are no longer satisfied with traditional sustainable makeup products. They are seeking more than just ethical sourcing and natural ingredients, expecting makeup that not only aligns with their values but also offers a wide range of colors, formats and textures to express themselves. Responding to this demand, the Lubrizol Life Science Beauty team has developed a collection of formulations that combine sustainability with performance and versatility.

Categories: Skin Care, Sustainability

What Is Next in Makeup Trends for 2024

Posted by Paola Pérez | 02/13/2024

Makeup trends evolve each year, so we are taking a look at what's coming in 2024 as spotted by our Foresee Lab™, which applies future-thinking methods, consumer insights and scientific processes to help our customers see what’s coming next.

Categories: Skin Care

Social Listening: The Key to Holy Grail Formulations

Posted by Paola Pérez | 09/13/2023

Are you trying to understand what consumers love about their favorite beauty products? Or what they do not like and wish they could find in a new solution? The answer can be found on social media.

Categories: Skin Care, Hair Care, Skin Cleansing

We Help Our Customers Shape the Future of Beauty

Keeping up with the ever-changing beauty landscape can be difficult and time-consuming enough. Do you want to stay ahead of it? Foresee Lab™ can create Curated Content and Customized Solutions. Delivering client-specific future trends and consumer insights combined with our extensive expertise in the latest technology and science to enlighten and inspire.