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Skin CareDistinct sensory, gentle hydration, elegant afterfeel, perfect texture, anti-aging benefits… We can offer ample expertise in polymer technologies, molecular science and botanical extracts that deliver unique benefits with superior sensory experiences in a  wide range of cosmetics including skin care creams, lotions, sun care and color cosmetic products.

New Skin Care Concepts

Color Cosmetics

Express Your True Colors

Lubrizol Skin Care will feature new innovative solutions to optimize such critical performances with desired aesthetics and sensory in the next generation of color cosmetics for eyes, face and lips.
Accelerate Creativity

Reflecting Expertise

True to our premise of providing innovative ideas as a source of inspiration for our customers, we present Serene Beauty, a new approach to beauty where individuals are encouraged to feel good about themselves, embrace the passage of time and celebrate their real self. Learn more at
The Sweet Escape

The Sweet Escape

Follow Lubrizol on The Sweet Escape and discover six simple and innovative formulations illustrating novel concepts and performance benefits for various skin care applications.


  • Carbopol® and Novethix™ polymers, control rheology, stabilize emulsions and create textures from thin sprayable mists to smooth creams, with a fresh or cushiony sensory and just the right break
  • Carbopol® Aqua SF-1 OS polymer, is targeting skin and sun care applications. This polymer is capable of giving formulators the ability to offer emulsion stability and desired aesthetic properties in systems containing pigments and electrolytes at levels required to deliver efficacy from the product to the consumer.
  • Carbopol® Ultrez 30 polymer offers good electrolyte tolerance, high thickening performance across a broad pH range, and a rich, distinct sensory. It's now possible to create skin care systems featuring anti-aging and blemish-fighting actives and balance rheology characteristics, aesthetic properties and stabilization.
  • Schercemol™ esters, for emolliency, UV filter solubilization, pigment dispersion and desired afterfeel.
  • Glucamate™, Glucate™ emulsifiers and Pemulen™ polymeric emulsifiers, for robust and efficient emulsion stability, light initial feel and smooth sensory
  • Novemer™ polymers enhance skinfeel and stabilize emulsions containing high levels of electrolytes.
  • Lipotec botanical extracts, peptide-based active cosmetic ingredients, delivery systems and biotechnology expertise for innovative claims supported by high performance and deep science.
  • Naturally derived lanolin and lanolin derivatives stabilize formulas and provide truly unique sensory benefits - nothing else feels like a lanolin!
  • Skin conditioning polymers such as Merquat™ PLUS 3330 polymer, Sensomer™ CI-50 Conditioning polymer or SilSense® and Ultrabee™ specialty silicones, impart different skinfeel, and lubricity.

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Skin Care

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