Skin Care

Lipotec Skin Care

Delivering a beautiful skin experience, providing consumers with trending solutions, substantiated benefits and superior sensory enjoyment

We stimulate your creative process to help you deliver unique, innovative and more natural solutions to the market.

Functional Ingredients that deliver stability and performance and cosmetic active ingredients that rely on skin biology expertise to stimulate your creative process, helping you to bring innovative stories to the skin care market.

Sun Care

Sun Care

Performance, sensory experience and sustainability

LLS in-house capabilities to reproducibly measure SPF, UVA-PF, UVA/UVB Ratio and critical wavelength validate the efficacy and help speed your sun care products to market.

Color Cosmetics


A full spectrum of benefits for skincaring makeup

A 90-year legacy of skin health science and artificial intelligent translate market needs into the next generation of look-good, feel-good makeup.

Our Ingredients

Distinct sensory, gentle hydration, elegant afterfeel, perfect texture, anti-aging benefits… We can offer ample expertise in polymer technologies, molecular science and botanical extracts.

What's New 

Phenobio™ Subcritical Water Technology

Phenobio™ Subcritical Water Technology

By only using water, Phenobio™ subcritical water technology allows the recovery of a broader range of phytoactives from plants, in higher concentrations, in a short extraction time and with no thermal degradation

Beauty Beyond H₂O

Beauty Beyond H2O

A hair-to-toe routine that has zero water in their formulations, but also minimizes the use of water for the final consumer, all without compromising performance or sensory.

Xpozuki™ biotech ingredient


Exposome protection for beauty that lasts. A biotechnological active ingredient rich in Azukides™ natural peptides that protects the skin, scalp and hair against exposome-induced stressors.

Telophi™ biotech ingredient

Boosts and protects skin telocytes and proliferating epidermal stem cells from psychological stress.

AlgaPūr™ High Stability High Oleic algae oil

One of the most stable liquid bio-based oils on the market, delivering versatility in eco-friendly formulations for skin care.

PemuPur™ START polymer

A unique natural-derived polymeric emulsifier providing excellent stabilization capabilities at low use level while offering a fresh and quick break sensory.

Oxylance™ advanced botanical ingredient

Botanical extract from Ligustrum lucidum that mimics the Tibetan genetic adaptation to hypoxia conditions for increased oxygen supply to the skin, resulting in glowing and healthier-looking “yoga skin”.