The Market Leader in Rheology Modifiers

For over 60 years, Lubrizol has been delivering Carbopol® polymers, our key technology that has created a positive global impact as the differentiating ingredient in countless innovations within the personal care industry.

Carbopol Style

A Game Changing Ingredient

From its brilliant clarity to its easy dispersion and controlled release properties, Carbopol® polymers have become the game-changing ingredient in personal care products.
sensory modifiers

Easy and Efficient Thickening

Carbopol® is the easiest dispersing carbomer polymer available today for use in clear gels and emulsion systems, such as creams and lotions. This technology provides highly efficient thickening and excellent clarity, suspending power and emulsion stability.

Continue to innovate throughout the years

Carbopol® polymers have allowed our portfolio to meet the needs of an ever-changing market. Expanding our offerings to meet the demands of our customers and end-users, our Carbopol® polymers portfolio includes everything from powders to liquids. This provides an array of benefits, including wide pH range compatibility and high electrolyte tolerance that is ideal for flow patterns. Additional benefits include:

Diverse viscosity offerings for unique texture and sensory benefits

Wide range of pH and electrolyte tolerance for formulation flexibility

Ease of dispersion for efficient processing and increased safety

As the inventor of this technology, Lubrizol has a team full of technical resources that deeply understand its use in formulating for different applications. Carbopol® polymer can be used in soaps, body washes, facial cleansers, intimate cleansers, conditioners, hair color, shampoo, styling, treatment, sun care, sanitizer, lotions, creams, facial care products.

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