The Market Leader in Rheology Modifiers for Personal Care and Cosmetics.

No other polymer delivers such brilliant clarity, easy dispersion and controlled release properties.

In powder or liquid emulsion form, Carbopol® polymers inspire boundless formulating opportunities that are distinctive, functionally diverse and increasingly sustainable.

Proud of the Past. Energized About the Future.

Carbopol® Polymers: The True Original.

It's hard to recall a time when Carbopol® polymers didn't exist. After all, Lubrizol first pioneered this breakthrough technology over six decades ago. Lubrizol emerged as the largest supplier of carbomers and acrylate powder polymers in the world, innovating over 100 unique grades and specifications. Carbopol® polymers have remained front and center in the personal care industry for decades—and for good reason.

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First developed in 1958, Carbopol® polymers still dominate the market over 60 years later.
Products Using Carbopol
Easy dispersion, efficient thickening, superior clarity, suspending power and emulsion stability

For Quality and Performance, We’re Still the One.

By providing exceptional thickening, suspension, stabilization and an extensive range of flow characteristics, Carbopol® polymers create unmatched formulating freedom and major competitive advantages.

Viscosity offerings for unique texture and sensory benefits ·  Wide range of pH and electrolyte tolerance for formulation flexibility · Ease of dispersion for efficient processing and increased safety

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Continuous innovation in an ever-changing market.

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Lubrizol technical resources offer expertise in formulating with Carbopol polymers for a wide range of applications: soaps, cleansers, conditioners, hair color, shampoo, styling, treatment, facial care, sun care, sanitizers, lotions, creams and others.

Innovating More Sustainably? Check.

It’s not enough to simply keep pace with the expectations of today’s eco-conscious consumers. We are upping our sustainability game with proactive practices that respect the environment while still delivering outstanding quality and performance.

Energy Savings

Process at near ambient pressures and low temperatures with reduced cycle times

Carbon Footprint

Global capabilities reduce transportation-related energy use and CO2 emissions

Waste Reduction

100% of material utilized, no purification needed, solvent recycling process

Water Saving

Reduced process cycle times and frequency of reactor cleaning

… and Unsurpassed Quality

Enhanced control with over 60 years of experience means better batch-to-batch consistency and the highest possible purity

Leading Towards Tomorrow

Learn about the new Carbopol® polymer that fuses extraordinary performance with the highest level of biodegradability yet.


Carbopol® Fusion S-20 Polymer Product Details