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Custom is the New Consumer Type

Posted by Lindsay Lipp | 01/18/2019

The demand for personalized products has reached new heights. 

Categories: Bath and Shower

Now Trending... New Hair Care Formats

Posted by Danielle Grossman | 01/14/2019

New hair care formats have gained momentum in today’s marketplace.

Categories: Hair Care

Protecting your Skin from Blue Light

Posted by Dorota Niemczycka | 01/07/2019

We’re well aware of the damage UV light can do to our skin, but there is another type of light that, though lesser known, also poses a danger.

Categories: Skin Care
Skin Care

Sensitive Skin Market Growth Part 2

Posted by Lindsay Lipp | 01/03/2019

Increasingly, consumers are looking for products designed for sensitive skin. Read more on functional ingredients for mild cleansing.

Categories: Bath and Shower

ARGIRELINE Still Sets the Standard

Posted by Dorota Niemczycka | 12/12/2018

When Lipotec launched the ARGIRELINE® peptide in 2001 it knew it had created something special.

Categories: Skin Care

Fun, Bold Hair Colors... and the Products that Maintain Hair Color Vibrancy

Posted by Danielle Grossman | 11/26/2018

Flip through the latest fashion magazine or scroll through the Instagram feeds of your favorite celeb hair stylists and you’ll find fun, bold hair color taking center stage. 

Categories: Hair Care

Ingredients to Boost Skin Defense, Protection from Urban Skin Stressors

Posted by Dorota Niemczycka | 11/12/2018

Urban life is a source of constant stress for the skin. To combat, it’s necessary to apply ingredients that build the skin’s defenses.

Categories: Skin Care

Meet the Minds - Jessica Becker

Posted by Lubrizol Personal Care Technical Team | 11/09/2018

Lubrizol Personal & Home Care innovation would not be possible without our brilliant scientists and researchers. This is the second article in a series of profiles of the men and women behind our products.

Categories: Skin Care

The Emergence of Texture Trends in a Millennial Marketplace

Posted by Lindsay Lipp | 11/06/2018

Familiar with a culture that’s never disconnected and as digital natives themselves, millennials are especially prone to more screen time and less face-to-face interaction.

Categories: Bath and Shower

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