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The growth of halal personal care products and cosmetics

Posted by LLS Beauty Technical Team | 07/10/2019

Halal beauty is poised to become the next big market in personal care and beauty products.

Categories: Hair Care, Skin Care, Skin Cleansing

Lubrizol and Corbion Partnership

Posted by LLS Beauty Technical Team | 06/21/2019

Lubrizol Partners with Corbion Biotech, Inc. to Expand Bio-Based, Sustainable Solutions

Categories: Skin Cleansing, Hair Care, Skin Care

Mermaids and Unicorns...Eye catching visuals in low viscosity cleansers

Posted by Lindsay Lipp | 06/18/2019

Thinking of finding a mermaid to market your product, or timing a unicorn to walk past your end-of-aisle display?

Categories: Skin Cleansing

Beauty Simplified. Salon Services...At Home Convenience

Posted by Danielle Grossman | 06/11/2019

We all love the luxury of a salon service, but sometimes the convenience of an at-home beauty treatment is ideal.

Categories: Hair Care

Anti-Pollution...the New Trend in Beauty

Posted by Danielle Grossman | 06/06/2019

With the growth of big cities brings new stresses around pollution. Today, 80% of urban inhabitants are inhaling polluted air. 

Categories: Hair Care

The Essence of Mythic Trees

Posted by Dorota Niemczycka | 05/22/2019

Throughout history, trees have been revered in many cultures, considered sacred symbols and appearing in numerous myths and legends. Today, trees are celebrated for their ability to protect and beautify the skin.

Categories: Skin Care

The Dawn of Radiant Skin

Posted by Dorota Niemczycka | 05/13/2019

Everything requires a fast start nowadays and beautiful skin is no exception.

Categories: Skin Care

Meet the Minds...Rebekah Smith

Posted by LLS Beauty Technical Team | 04/30/2019

Lubrizol Personal & Home Care innovation would not be possible without our brilliant scientists and researchers. This is the latest in a series of profiles of the men and women behind our products.

Categories: Skin Cleansing

Goodbye Clarifying Shampoo... Hello Micellar

Posted by Danielle Grossman | 04/18/2019

The top three reasons consumers will trade in their favorite shampoos for this new must-have.

Categories: Hair Care

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