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Carbopol® polymers Celebrate 60 Years

Posted by Lubrizol Personal Care Technical Team | 10/17/2018

Celebrating 60 years of delivering rheology modifiers, Carbopol® polymers have been the differentiating ingredient in countless innovations within the personal care, home care and health care industries.

Categories: Bath and Shower, Hair Care, Skin Care

Winter Hair Care...Saving it from the Season

Posted by Danielle Grossman | 10/08/2018

Winter weather presents a number of hair care dilemmas. Protect hair under a hat and deal with the inevitable “hat hair” or leave it uncovered and face cold-weather damage and flyaway strands. 

Categories: Hair Care
Tutti Foodie: Hair Rainbowtherapy

Superfoods for Thought

Posted by Danielle Grossman | 09/19/2018

Consumers are more informed than ever before. With information and insights right at their fingertips, how can you blame them?

Categories: Hair Care
Meet the Minds

Meet the Minds: Wing Li

Posted by Lubrizol Personal Care Technical Team | 09/17/2018

Lubrizol Personal & Home Care innovation would not be possible without our brilliant scientists and researchers. This is the first in a series of profiles of the men and women behind our products.

Categories: Hair Care
Fixate Keratin

Fixate™ Keratin – The Future of Hair Smoothing

Posted by Lubrizol Personal Care Technical Team | 09/14/2018

Getting straight, smooth, shiny hair shouldn’t come with potential health risks for clients or stylists.  

Categories: Hair Care
Wash Forward

Wash Forward: Envisioning the Future of Cleansing

Posted by Lindsay Lipp | 09/13/2018

Indie brands are among the fastest growing on the market. What is their secret to success? 

Categories: Bath and Shower

WOW MOM – A Beauty Kit for the Busy Mom

Posted by Dorota Niemczycka | 09/12/2018

Motherhood can adjust a woman’s expectations of indulgence and self-care. An occasional day at the spa and regular beauty treatments are traded in for five minutes in the bathroom with a toddler outside the door.

Categories: Skin Care
Skin Care

Sensitive Market Growth: How Can Active Ingredients Help?

Posted by Dorota Niemczycka | 09/11/2018

Consumers purchase skin care products hoping to achieve beautiful, radiant skin. However, for some the exact opposite is true, with many experiencing itchy, red, irritated skin either from the products they are using or changes in their skin health.

Categories: Skin Care

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