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Adhesives and Sealants

Explore the value of water-borne systems for advanced adhesives and sealant products
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Automotive OEM and Refinish

Formulate robust exterior, interior and underbody automotive coatings with leading-edge technologies
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Building and Construction

Enhance the performance and durability of coatings for masonry surfaces and liquid roof coatings
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Digital Print

Solve complex digital print challenges with leading ink and coating technologies
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Filtration and Specialty Paper

Drive greater efficiency for specialty paper and filtration products with advanced polymer performance
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General Industrial Metal

Boost the performance of coil, can packaging, powder coatings and industrial metal
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Performance Textiles

Impart multi-functional properties to improve textile performance with customized coating formulations
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Pigment Dispersions

Optimize color and pigment loading with high-efficiency hyperdispersants
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Plastics and Fiberglass

Deliver benefits to multiple aspects of composite manufacturing with innovative additives
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Print and Packaging

Tap into application knowledge and formulating excellence for print and packaging applications
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Explore how key ingredients bring new levels of performance to wood coatings
Application - Solplus Hyperdispersants Ease Plastic Dispersion

Solplus™ Hyperdispersants

Find out how Solplus hyperdispersants make plastics easy with efficient dispersion, high loading, strong and bright colors, minimal product defects, low filter blockage and high throughput of masterbatches thermoplastics and thermosets.

Textile Coatings Video

Experience Lubrizol’s Textiles Coatings Capabilities

Explore Lubrizol’s global capabilities for developing advanced textile coating technologies that delivers customized performance to meet our customers unique fabric needs.