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Additives for Thermosets

Explore Lubrizol's portfolio of additives for thermosets that improve mechanical properties in composite materials and enhance processing capabilities..

Solsperse™ W-Series

Explore how Solsperse™ W-Series Hyperdispersants are available to solve specific dispersing challenges for water-based coatings.

PTFE-Free Wax Additives

PTFE-Free wax additives enable ink and coating formulations with protection and aesthetic properties attained only with PTFE.


Learn about Lubrizol's portfolio of wax additives for coatings and inks that deliver desired performance without over-engineering.

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With a broad portfolio of technology platforms, count on Lubrizol to bring innovative solutions for coatings, inks, and composites.


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Latest from the Blog

High-Solids PUDs: Performance and Sustainability in High-End Wood Coatings

Posted by Performance Coatings Team | 05/21/2024

High-solids polyurethane dispersions bring performance, productivity and sustainability capabilities for premium wood coatings.

Categories: Resins & Binders, Paints & Coatings

PTFE-Free Wax Additives Deliver PTFE-Like Performance in Wood Coatings

Posted by Performance Coatings Team | 05/07/2024

While existing wax additives already ease the transition to PTFE-Free wood coatings, new Lubrizol technologies in development show promising new capabilities.

Categories: Wax Additives, Paints & Coatings

High Stability Color Dispersions Enable Transition from Analog to Digital Printing

Posted by Performance Coatings Team | 04/25/2024

Digital inks play a critical role in enabling high-speed digital printing, and high stability dispersions are essential for success.

Categories: Printing