Colorants for paints, coatings, inks and plastics are typically the most expensive component used—pound for pound—when manufacturing these types of products. To be cost effective while delivering the right aesthetic properties, manufacturers need to get the most out of color by maximizing the properties of a pigment. Dispersants play a key role in this process, enabling a solid particle to be dispersed in a liquid medium, while also helping ensure stability of the formulation.

Dispersing color is challenging. Lubrizol is dedicated to developing dispersants that make that part of the process easier. Lubrizol offers a broad array of dispersants that are effective and soluble across a wide range of media in colorants for paints, inks, coatings and plastics, and liquid colorants.

Our dispersants optimize color value and stability of color concentrates so they stay stable and broken down. The result is reduced milling time, improved aesthetics, improved coating properties and reduced pigment costs.

While pigments continue to change, we have decades of extensive experience developing particle dispersion solutions for this evolving market. That experience and a commitment to innovation means we know how to effectively utilize dispersants and we readily share that knowledge with customers to help determine the appropriate technology to use based on any number of factors. If challenges arise, we have the technical experts who can help overcome those challenges.

Typical Applications

In paints and coatings (transportation, industrial OEM, protective, building and construction), graphic arts (printing and digital inks, UV curable) and plastics, Lubrizol offers a broad range of dispersion solutions for colorants. We are also focused on expanding our portfolio for emerging applications, such as energy storage, fuel cells, ceramics and solar. Whatever the application or market, we invest time and resources to stay ahead of market and environmental requirements and regulations.


Lubrizol technologies commonly used in the colorants market include dispersants.

Ask an Expert

Get help with product recommendations, formulation questions, application issues, and more from a Lubrizol expert dedicated to the Colorants market.

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