Solsperse™ W-Series

Ushering in a step-change in dispersant performance, Solsperse™ W-Series Hyperdispersants are now available to solve specific dispersing challenges for water-borne coatings. From highly efficient color development over a broad range of pigments to uniquely fast dispersion with maximum color development and stability for tough pigments, Solsperse W-Series products deliver the performance you need at a cost you'll enjoy.



The most recent offerings from the Solsperse W-Series include:

  • Solsperse™ W100 - a robust dispersant for all types of pigments, providing excellent color development and stability at a lower dosage rate than other water-borne dispersant technologies.
  • Solsperse™ W210 - a fast acting dispersant that provides rapid pigment wetting with stability, targeted at carbon backs and organics.
  • Solsperse™ W320 - an advanced dispersant for rapid wetting, dispersion and stabilization of transparent iron oxide used in automotive coatings and wood finishes.

  • Solsperse™ WV400 - a highly effective dispersant for all pigment types, particularly when thermal stability or storage is required.

For specific needs, Lubrizol experts can review the applicability of existing Solsperse W-Series products or help to identify legacy products and new technologies to deliver required performance needs.