The textiles market is far reaching and involves a wide range of applications and accompanying end-use needs. Textile coatings are used to enhance the value of textile materials by extending their useful life, preserving their aesthetic appearance, and delivering performance and protective features. With ever increasing demands in the industry, textile coatings continue to evolve and become more innovative to meet these demands.

As a global specialty chemical company, Lubrizol offers effective solutions to enhance textile performance. Our resin, polymer, additive and formulated solutions portfolio improve a broad range of functional and aesthetic properties such as durability, flame retardancy, abrasion resistance, water repellence, breathability and cooling, while balancing required look and feel characteristics—clarity, gloss/matte, hand, drape, noise dampening, etc.

We dedicate our global expertise to providing powerful solutions that give our customers a competitive edge when developing new products or enhancing their current offerings. We pride ourselves on being both formulations experts and applications and processing experts. Our team of technical staff and application experts have extensive experience working directly with customers to develop textile coatings and apparel coatings solutions that meet unique requirements.

These same experts see each project through from the initial concept meeting with a customer to the actual end scale-up in the customer’s plant. Plus, we have full testing capabilities for all required specifications.

Lubrizol has the size and reach to manufacture from the molecule on up for use in a wide variety of textile applications—and the ability to produce a polymer or textile coating at global locations. We’re also nimble enough to modify our formulations and even the polymers themselves to create innovative new products for unique customer applications.

Typical Applications

Lubrizol textile coatings and fabric coatings are used across many industries in a wide range of applications. At a high level, these include apparel coatings, home furnishing coatings, transportation textile coatings, technical textile coatings and custom textile formulations.


Technologies commonly used for the textiles market include resins & binders, and specialty additives.

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