Apparel Coatings

Apparel coatings are used to enhance the value of textile materials by extending their useful life and preserving their aesthetic appearance. As the needs of manufacturers have grown more stringent, coating technology and methods have matured to meet these needs. To stand up to external pressures and abrasive elements during daily use, apparel coatings offer enhanced protection and a host of other benefits.

Lubrizol has decades of formulations experience in apparel coatings with many longtime customers. Our coating solutions improve a broad range of functional and aesthetic properties, such as breathability, cooling, durability, water repellency and abrasion resistance. At the same time, the right apparel coatings can help balance the required look and feel characteristics, including hand and drape.

We’re not only formulations experts, we’re also applications and processing experts. Our team of technical staff see each project through from the initial concept meeting with a customer to the actual end scale-up in the customer’s plant. Plus, we have full testing capabilities for all required specifications.

From a technology standpoint, we manufacture the polymers we use in our formulations. With global manufacturing facilities, we’re large enough to meet supply needs around the world while operating like a smaller supplier by being flexible enough to modify our formulations and even the polymers themselves to create new products for unique customer applications.


Technologies commonly used in apparel coating applications include resins & binders.

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