Electro-Rite® Technology for Lithium Batteries

The Electro-Rite® portfolio includes binders, dispersants and rheology modifiers that enhance adhesion, dispersion, viscosity, flow properties and suspension of several particles in slurry formulations such as carbon, graphite, silicon, silicon oxide and ceramic active materials for optimal coating applications. Lubrizol capabilities exist to support formulators to deliver enhanced performance for diverse battery applications.

Separator Materials

Changes in battery form factors requires exploring new materials to optimize separator performance. Electro-Rite® technologies bring a new degree of adhesion and flexibility for optimizing battery design.

Anode and Cathode Primers

Optimizing the adhesion of electrode metallic surfaces to the bulk graphite, carbon, and silicon matrices are critical for performance. Electro-Rite technologies bring a new level of adhesion and flexibility for design requirements.

Aqueous Slurry Additives

Stable and consistent slurry performance is key to producing and improving electrode and separator performance. Electro-Rite technologies are compatible and electrochemically stable with binder materials to provide improved dispersions of active ingredients. Proven rheology technologies (flow and suspension properties) are available to tailor aqueous slurry profiles to meet coating demands, providing ultimate control over the quality of the electrode or separator coating process.

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