Plastics & Composites

The plastics and composites market continues to rapidly evolve as new and enhanced technologies deliver desired properties, such as improved strength with decreased weight, improved fire safety and more cost-effective materials.

In the growing field of advanced composites with complex formulations of resins, fillers and fibers, composite additives aid in optimizing mechanical properties, cost and application consistency across a range of industries, such as transportation, wind energy, construction and marine. Plastic additives and plastic dispersants are widely used in packaging and other thermoplastics to make it easier to incorporate functional materials and achieve higher color strength development.

With an extensive portfolio of products, including both liquids and solids, and a wide range of product suitability, our plastic dispersants and composite additives enable higher filler/pigment loading, consistent dispersion of particles, improved flame retardancy, delivery of new differentiation effects and easy formulation incorporation. This allows customers to save on manufacturing and pigment costs while maximizing profitability.

Typical Applications

Lubrizol continues to develop innovative composite additives and plastic dispersants that are efficient at low-density particle and color dispersion to broaden the formulating window for lightweight materials while enabling reduced energy costs and other performance enhancing features in thermosets and thermoplastics.


Technologies commonly used in the plastics & composites market include dispersants and specialty additives.

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