Paper & Nonwovens

The paper and nonwovens market requires ongoing innovation of polymer technologies and custom-formulated solutions to meet a wide range of requirements in high-performance air and liquid filter and battery separator applications. Lubrizol has been developing innovative polymers for paper and nonwovens for more than 60 years.

Lubrizol works with customers to deliver paper and nonwoven solutions that address performance requirements, regulatory compliance and global logistics for organizations around the world. Using our more than six decades of experience in the market, we offer a broad portfolio of polymers and binders for paper and nonwovens, resins, rheology modifiers, surface modifiers and dispersants used in the industry.

Lubrizol is unique in our breadth of technology offerings for paper and nonwoven applications and additives for filtration media, including patented polymers like our Aptalon™ polyamide technologies and highly renewable thermoset resins. Our formaldehyde-free portfolio answers challenges in regulatory and safety concerns in our customers’ operations and in consumer products.

Our continuous innovation happens across many markets and technologies, and we leverage that innovation into all markets—including paper and nonwovens. Innovation also translates across regions. As we grow with customers internationally, we move products and technology into developing regions and around the globe.

We differentiate our services with our ability to simulate on a lab scale what customers do on a commercial scale. Our investment in applications testing equipment, formulation capabilities and polymer science skillset makes us a valued partner. We have the ability to engineer and test polymers from polymer platforms such as our acrylic, polyvinyl chloride and polyurethane products.

Typical Applications

Our polymers for paper and nonwoven are used in a variety of demanding filtration and specialty paper applications. Lubrizol additives for filtration media are common in applications such as food grade, engine oil, HVAC and cabin air filtration systems. The regulatory and consumer needs of the world demand clean technologies for water, indoor air quality and lower emissions in our customer converting operations, and we help them meet those demands. Lubrizol binders for paper and nonwovens are also used in durable engineered papers, such as abrasives, tape and decorative papers, and paper being used to replace plastic, as well as fiberglass nonwovens that use Lubrizol technology for flame retardance, construction web reinforcements, and composite strength and durability.


Technologies commonly used in paper and nonwoven applications include resins & binders.

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