General Paper & Nonwovens

Paper and nonwovens require additives—such as polymers and binders—to meet a variety of requirements and improve mechanical strength, and chemical and water resistance in a range of demanding specialty paper applications. For more than 60 years, Lubrizol has been formulating binders and polymers for paper and nonwovens that deliver continuous innovation in applications such as food grade, engine oil, HVAC and cabin air filtration systems.

Lubrizol offers an extensive portfolio of additives for paper and nonwovens that provide multi-functional performance, including water/oil resistance, humidity resistance, toughness, and environmental and food contact compliance, as well as flame retardancy and chemical, scuff and mar resistance.

If the right solution for a given application is not available from our product portfolio, we can modify existing technology or forge new product development to meet customer needs. Our research scientists use statistical modeling and have access to virtually thousands of monomer combinations, providing them with the right tools for continuous innovation of custom-formulated polymers for paper and nonwovens.

Our portfolio includes an excellent choice of formaldehyde-free and APE-free options within our Hycar® and Vycar™ product lines. Hycar acrylic resins are essential for functional paper applications, including nonwovens, medical applications, and wall coverings. Vycar vinyl chloride and vinylidene chloride resins are purpose-built for coating a wide variety of substrates and for impregnation and saturation of fibrous materials like paper and nonwovens.


Technologies commonly used in general paper & nonwovens applications include resins & binders and formulated solutions

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