Fiberglass Media

Fiberglass media is used in a range of industries and applications because of its many desirable properties, such as being lightweight and being compatible with a wide range of temperature and pH environments. It is one of the primary materials used in filtration and construction applications.

Lubrizol polymers and binders for fiberglass media allow manufacturers of fiberglass products to make durable construction mats and scrims, and provide excellent rigidity as a binder for wet laid fiberglass, construction products and insulation applications.

Hycar® acrylic resins and Vycar™ vinyl chloride emulsions provide the mechanical stability, strength and chemical resistance properties required in demanding applications. These polymers for fiberglass media give fiberglass mat, scrim and insulation products the enhanced durability required to meet the demanding needs in long-life applications.

We bring extensive market and applications knowledge when it comes to fiberglass media and helping customers meet their unique requirements. As a global operation, we can service customers in all regions and we continue to work with customers to develop new innovations in polymers and binders for fiberglass media, and tailor our technology quickly to meet exact needs.

Extensive lab capabilities mean we can simulate what customers do on a commercial scale, but at lab scale. We have made significant investments in applications testing equipment, which together with our formulation capabilities and polymer science skillset, positions Lubrizol as a valuable partner. We have the ability to engineer and test polymers from polymer platforms such as our acrylic, polyvinyl chloride and polyurethane products. Our application lab can start from fiber and make our own hand sheets with glass, cellulose and synthetic fibers when needed.


Technologies commonly used in fiberglass media include resins & binders.

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