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Adaptable Durability For Water-Borne Coatings

Posted by Lubrizol Performance Coatings Team | 01/15/2019

Where some polyurethane dispersions come up short, polyamide polyurethane technologies offer new levels of performance and capability, adaptable to the specific needs of diverse wood and metal coating applications.

Categories: Paints and Coatings, Resins and Binders

Primers Enhance Digital Printing on Corrugated Packaging

Posted by Lubrizol Performance Coatings Team | 01/08/2019

Print primers are critical to success in this new world of digitally printed corrugated packaging. Just like in analog printing, coatings bridge the performance gap between the ink and the substrate.

Categories: Printing & Packaging, Digital Print, Resins and Binders

A New Era for UV Ink and Coating Additives

Posted by Lubrizol Performance Coatings Team | 01/02/2019

Advanced additives enable more specialized inks and coatings for the printing industry that are correctly formulated for environmentally friendly processes, such as low-energy LED UV curing, migration-optimized UV inks, and EB curing.

Categories: Dispersants, Printing & Packaging

Inspiring Sustainability, Improving Lives

Posted by Lubrizol Performance Coatings Team | 12/19/2018

Lubrizol's founders believed good science could lead to a better life. They understood we have a role in protecting our people and the environment, as well as being a good community member. A philosophy of “Inspiring Sustainability, Improving Lives” continues to be the foundation at Lubrizol today.

Categories: Dispersants, Surface Modifiers, Resins and Binders, Specialty Additives

A Naturally Low Gloss Dispersion for Polyamide Polyurethane Coatings

Posted by Lubrizol Performance Coatings Team | 12/12/2018

Matte finishes are popular in any number of applications for their dull, low-gloss, and natural look that is achieved with most of the light diffusing in a range of angles.

Categories: Paints and Coatings, Resins and Binders

Pigment Dispersants Yield Colorful, High-Performance Results

Posted by Lubrizol Performance Coatings Team | 12/04/2018

Color is all around us every day, helping us interpret the world, change actions and cause reactions (both positive and negative). In the coatings industry, what delivers these bursts of color? That’s an easy one. Pigments—the tiny solid particles used for coloring paint, ink, plastic, fabric and more.

Categories: Dispersants, Paints and Coatings

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