Cutting-Edge PUD Technology for Concrete and Wood Coatings

Posted by Performance Coatings Team on 08/23/2022

Protecting concrete and wood has always been a demanding job for coatings, even more so for water-based coatings. Polyurethane Dispersion (PUD) technology is relied upon to solve many demanding coatings challenges, offering levels of performance, such as resistance to hydrolysis, chemicals, abrasion and heat in a way that is comparable to solvent-borne coatings.

In the case of concrete, it is extremely alkaline, so the chemical resistance of the coating must be extremely high. Concrete applications also require a significant amount of mechanical resistance.

Utilizing unique polyamide polyol technology, Lubrizol offers a new class of high-end PUDs specifically designed for highly demanding applications, such as water-based concrete and wood coatings. Aptalon™ Polyamide Polyurethanes enable a step-change in performance needed by formulators to achieve enhanced protection and performance.

Aptalon Polyamide Polyurethanes deliver properties and resistances (chemical and mechanical) that are equal to or exceed those of a solvent-borne 2K PUR, which is the material typically used for concrete applications. As adaptable technology, Aptalon PUDs also enable coatings to provide a smooth surface and appealing finish with outstanding toughness and durability in end uses.

In instances where polyurethanes have historically been used, there are challenges with environmental compatibility due to increasing regulatory requirements. Aptalon Polyamide Polyurethanes allow Lubrizol to work with customers to formulate proactive solutions, achieving outstanding performance capabilities while addressing changing regulations.

As a water-based technology, approximately half the total weight of Aptalon Polyamide Polyurethane dispersions is water, and a large portion of solids in many Aptalon products is derived from renewable sources. Therefore, these products are very effective at helping formulators meet challenging regulations and limiting warnings required on product labels.

Contact a Lubrizol expert to learn more about our Aptalon™ Polyamide Polyurethane Dispersions product brand and its ability to perform in challenging applications.

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