SulfrZol® 54 Catalyst Sulfiding Agent

Sulrzol® 54 Catalyst Sulfiding Agent

Helping you safely win the race to renewable diesel

Lubrizol H₂S Scavengers 

Scale Inhibitor BS 648A

Solutions for oilfield applications to maximize throughput and operational efficiencies

Scale Inhibitor BS 648A 

Scale Inhibitor BS 648A

Discover Lubrizol’s newest product BS 648A: an optimized phosphonate inhibitor developed to tackle challenging oilfield scale.

SULFA-CLEAR™ 8846 H2S Scavenger


Explore the latest addition to the SULFA-CLEAR™ product line, a new high efficiency, fast acting, non-triazine H2S scavenger.


Solution for Well Shut-In Protection

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Learn about Lubrizol chemistries for treating wells to prevent costly corrosion to well casing and tubing.