Scale Inhibitor BS 648A

Scale Inhibitor BS 648A Specialty Additive

A New Optimized Phosphonate Scale Inhibitor

Scale inhibitors are necessary to prevent inorganic scale deposition which can cause flow assurance issues by plugging downhole and production equipment, reducing the internal diameter of process equipment, and impacting oil-water separation. Scale inhibitors work by slowing down or preventing the nucleation and/or crystal growth of inorganic scales. A successfully deployed scale control program will reduce process downtime, pumping energy, maintenance costs, and extend the lifetime of equipment and piping.

Lubrizol's BS 648A phosphonate scale inhibitor is effective in treating a broad range of oilfield scales, even under challenging conditions. The BS 648A scale inhibitor has been designed to optimize treatment cost and improve performance versus similar phosphonate chemistries.

Dynamic Scale Loop Testing
@ 5ppm Active Product

Static Bottle Testing—Saturated Brines
@ 50ppm Active Product

Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for continuous injection and squeeze applications

  • Cost effective, general purpose scale inhibitor, particularly effective in controlling barium sulfate and calcium carbonate scales

  • Exhibits strong anodic properties, functioning as a corrosion inhibitor in oxygenated systems such as cooling towers and drilling fluids

  • Excellent tolerance to high calcium brines

  • Optimized to provide superior performance over incumbent technologies

Scale Inhibitor

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