PTFE-Alternative Wax Additives for Coatings & Inks

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is commonly used in the coating and ink industry to significantly improve surface protection from abrasive forces during processing, transportation or use of coated or printed materials. Powder coatings with textured surface effects are developed using specific PTFE grades. Combinations of PTFE with other waxy polymers maximize protection properties tailored for specific formulations, substrates, film thickness and performance requirements.

However, legislation originating in Europe went into effect on July 4, 2020 that is driving the ink and coating industries to shift away from raw materials like PTFE that typically contain Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA). PFOA is not a typical raw material used in the coating industry, but it can be generated during manufacture of small particle PTFE.  While there is no active legislation directly regulating PTFE , certain grades of PTFE powders have been impacted.  Legislative details restricting the use of raw materials containing >25 ppb PFOA are available for review. 

Micronized PTFE typically used in the coating and ink industries includes an irradiation process to reduce the polymer molecular weight and render the material brittle. The irradiation dosage required to process a specific material varies depending on the polymerization process, molecular weight and thermal history of the raw material. PFOA is a by-product of irradiation and consequently, greater the irradiation requirements yield PTFE products with higher levels of PFOA. Technologies have been developed to remove and capture PFOA from many PTFE raw materials. Unfortunately, these technologies have not proved effective for all PTFE grades - creating requirements for additive innovation and development on new products. 

Lubrizol has developed formulations using grades of PTFE that are compliant with the EU legislation enabling inks and coatings with the same protection and aesthetic properties previously attained. Lubrizol’s technical team has also focused on development of PTFE-free formulations to deliver similar properties to PTFE-containing formulations.  PTFE-free technologies are available in micronized and dispersed forms of surface modifying additives under the Lanco™ Surface Modifiers brand

Links to product information for Lanco™ Surface Modifiers developed with compliant grades of PTFE and the PTFE-free products are summarized below. 


New Compliant Surface Modifiers


The good news is that low PFOA and PTFE-free technologies are available today to enable ink and coating formulators to make the transition. Lubrizol is prepared to help manufacturers deliver safer ink and coating technology without sacrifices in performance.


EU Compliant (<25 PPB PFOA) Products  PTFE-Free Products
 Micronized Powders Liquid Dispersions Micronized Powders Liquid Dispersions
 Lanco™ 1890 C

Lanco™ Glidd 6509 C

Lanco™ 1510 EF

Lanco™ Glidd 7605

Lanco™ SM 2001 C Lanco™ Glidd 9530 C  Lanco™ 2510 SF

Lanco™ Glidd 7607

 Lanco™ TF 1720 C   Lanco™ 2520 SF Lanco™ Glidd 7610
 Lanco™ TF 1735 EFC    Lanco™ 2520 EF  Lanco™ Glidd 7612 
 Lanco™ TF 1758 C       
 Lanco™ TF 1768 C      
  Lanco™ TF 1770 C      
 Lanco™ TF 1778 C      
  Lanco™ TF 1780 C      
 Lanco™ TF 1780 EFC      
 Lanco™ TF 1788 C      
 Lanco™ TFW 1765 NC      


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