PrintRite™ Ink Receptive Coatings

PrintRite™ ink receptive coatings are chemistries designed to enable beautiful and durable digital prints that make sense for both consumers and the manufacturing process. Engineered to bridge the performance of substrate and ink, PrintRite ink receptive coatings create new possibilities in digital print performance through visual appeal, performance and efficient workflow.

As the market for industrial digital printing continues to grow for packaging, labels, and textiles,  PrintRite ink receptive coatings can helps printers realize the full potential of digital print systems. From Lubrizol experts who understand the dynamic interaction between diverse substrates, coatings, and inks, PrintRite technologies allow digital print capabilities that rival conventional printing.

Blacker Blacks and More Vibrant Colors

Black is an important color, but achieving a high optical density black is challenging for many substrates. PrintRite ink receptive coatings enable inks to realize their full potential for optical density without compromising print speed, so deep blacks are now possible.

Vibrant Color

PrintRite ink receptive coatings expand the color gamut by keeping ink on the surface, broadening the achievable color range, and providing outstanding sharpness. Fine lines and crisp graphics pop off the substrate with eye-catching appeal.

Print Durability

Digital print durability can be a challenge for film, paper, and textiles. PrintRite ink receptive coatings work with to resist abrasion and wet rub. The interaction between the coating, ink and substrate means the print can stand the test of time, even when subjected to mechanical and environmental circumstances.

The Right Performance

The extensive PrintRite product portfolio includes chemistries that enable optimal adhesion to one substrate and one ink type as well as chemistries with a wider universal appeal for adhesion to multiple substrates or compatibility with multiple ink types. It enables great digital prints using water based, latex, eco-solvent, solvent, UV inks.

Formulation Flexibility

Ready-to-use formulations are available, as are specially designed resins for customer formulations. Either way, Lubrizol chemistries are engineered to provide the right combination of aesthetics and durability for both the manufacturing process and practical use of the end product.

Health & Safety

Health and safety is a top priority. PrintRite technologies are water-based and are compliant with current regulatory standards. Please contact us for application specific questions or concerns. Our regulatory team will be happy to work with you to ensure your peace of mind.

Ask an Expert

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