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Dispersants can be found everywhere pigment is found, meaning they’re in a tremendous range of products. They’re an essential ingredient for advanced performance in paint, coating and graphic art formulations. Dispersants are highly specialized additives needed to wet, disperse and stabilize dry pigment powders in a variety of liquid formulations.

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The process of dispersion is done to get as close as possible to the primary particle’s original size, which improves the application process and provides better end performance. The process requires the use of an additive (a dispersant) to keep the smaller particles from recombining, which is what they would naturally do. An efficient dispersing agent can also serve as a wetting agent and a stabilizing agent.

Pigment dispersants are two-component structures, with the anchoring group providing strong adsorption onto the pigment surface. Polymeric chains, which are attached to the anchor group, provide the stabilization.

Lubrizol offers a robust portfolio of high performing dispersant technology and chemistries for a wide range of ink and coating systems to deliver a diverse set of performance requirements and meet broad formulation needs. These systems include aqueous dispersants, non-aqueous dispersants, 100% dispersants, plastic and composite dispersants, and dispersant synergists.

Our innovative portfolio has been built on decades of applied science to deliver extensive benefits such as better millbase rheology, reduced VOC content in high-solids coatings, greater productivity, greater millbase flexibility, higher color strength, higher gloss and increased brightness. We also develop close relationships with customers to understand their applications, specific needs and their customers’ needs to be able to help solve their unique and evolving formulation requirements.

We continue to collaborate with customers to enhance existing dispersant technologies and develop new technologies, whether in water-based dispersants, 100% dispersants for UV technology, low VOC technologies and more to meet regulatory requirements and sustainability goals. Lubrizol is also dedicated to the continued production of our customers, focusing on being a committed, reliable partner to ensure continuity of supply, regardless of circumstances.

Typical Applications

Lubrizol dispersing and stabilizing agents are used by formulators globally to meet a range of needs across many applications, including those in paints & coatings, printing, packaging, plastics & composites, and electronics applications.

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