Solsperse™ Hyperdispersants

Solsperse™ hyperdispersant technology is an essential ingredient for advanced performance in paint, coating and graphic art formulations. The technology enables the production of highly loaded, highly stable, broadly compatible dispersions in almost any combination of solid particles and continuous phases (liquid or solid). This dispersant technology combines polymeric stabilizing chains selected for solubility in a given solvent and/or resin combination, with anchor groups optimized for strong adsorption to the particle surface, where the dosage is determined by the particle’s surface area. This technology allows the production of sterically stabilized dispersions with higher solids content, lower viscosity, and improved viscosity and particle size stability compared to dispersions made using resins or lower molecular weight dispersants or surfactants.

For a polymeric dispersant to be effective, it must be soluble in the solvent into which the pigment or filler is being dispersed. The solvent medium used during dispersion is therefore the main criteria used in dispersant selection. Solsperse hyperdispersants available for use in paints and coatings applications are highlighted in the following product selection chart for a range of solvents.


 Solsperse Wheel Paints Coatings  


Solsperse™ hyperdispersants available for use in graphic arts and ink applications are highlighted in the following product selection chart for a range of solvents and their corresponding application areas.

Solsperse Wheel Graphic Arts  




Solsperse pigment dispersants are a 'simply brilliant' dispersant choice to provide excellent flexibility and performance for many applications.

Sample Kits

Solsperse sample kits are now available! The kit holds six dispersant samples, and the product selection is customizable based on your application needs. To request a kit or to reorder samples, please contact your Lubrizol account representative.

Solsperse Sample Kits