Formulated Solutions

Lubrizol collaborates with customers to develop fully formulated coating solutions to meet challenging performance requirements for digital printing on diverse substrates.

While our portfolio of formulated solutions includes some off-the-shelf products— ink receptive coatings and direct thermal coatings—our passion is working with customers to understand specific coating needs. Lubrizol experts then develop and test distinctive solutions, providing the right balance of performance and look and feel characteristics.

Within formulated solutions, we are committed to developing innovative new solutions, such as recently developed products for durable labels in our PrintRite™ Ink Receptive Coatings.

Typical Applications

Lubrizol formulated solutions and formulated coating technologies are used in a variety of digital printing applications—including ink receptive coatings and direct thermal coatings on substrates such as paper, packaging and film, as well as in desktop inkjet printers.

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