Ink Receptive Coatings

Ink receptive coatings for textile, film and paper applications have to deliver superior aesthetics, durability and quality to enable digital print capabilities that rival conventional printing—but with the added flexibility and benefits that digital printing delivers. An ink receptive coating controls the ink droplet spread, or dot gain, while absorbing the ink carrier fluid, leaving the colorant on the substrate surface. Digital ink primers are designed to reduce the amount of ink needed while achieving the desired optical density. UV, latex, solvent-based or water-based inks can all benefit from the right coating.

Lubrizol Printrite™ ink receptive coatings deliver blacker blacks and more vibrant colors, improved durability, optimal adhesion, and formulation flexibility in textile, film and paper applications. We have an extensive history collaborating with supply chain partners in the print industry to understand unique challenges and to formulate differentiated performance through inkjet receptive coatings and digital ink primers for water-based, latex, eco-solvent, solvent and UV inks.

Lubrizol has developed an extensive range of resin technologies, including polyurethanes, acrylics, PU-acrylic hybrid and vinylic. We offer both binders for formulation and fully formulated coatings, and work directly with partners to develop primer systems for a particular substrate, ink and print system. This combination of extensive background in the industry, in-house polymer technology, global capabilities, and digital applications and formulation expertise makes Lubrizol a unique partner for developing an ink receptive coating to create new possibilities in digital print performance and to meet dynamic market needs.

Typical Applications

Printrite™ ink receptive coatings excel at treating textile, paper and film substrates across many digital print applications, including roll-to-roll textiles, direct-to-garment, outdoor graphics and packaging (like corrugated board).

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