Solutions for Paints & Coatings

Lubrizol innovates advanced coating solutions to deliver performance, simplicity and sustainability benefits for formulators and end-users, enabling customers to develop premium paint and coating products for wood, metal, masonry and plastics.

Our portfolio of resin, dispersant, surface modifier and specialty additive technologies deliver outstanding corrosion prevention, chemical and stain resistance, scratch and mar endurance, barrier properties, controlled adhesion, and color development through improved pigment dispersing & stabilization.

We drive simplicity through technologies that streamline formulations, improve application efficiency, and reduce cost-in-use.

We enhance sustainability benefits through a commitment to water-borne, low VOC capable, and self-crosslinking technologies that meet and exceed environmental requirements and opportunities.

With an extensive product line of innovative coating solutions proven to perform, and experts deeply knowledgeable of the dynamic coatings market, we are ready to collaborate and win in your next formulating challenge.