Paints & Coatings

Paints and coatings serve two primary functions—decoration and protection. To meet these functions in today’s world, formulators need advanced coating solutions that can help deliver diverse benefits through premium paint and coating products for wood, metal, masonry and plastics. Formulators also need solutions that can help navigate multiple challenges and opportunities, such as increasing regulation, the need for more sustainable options, rising raw materials costs and more.

Lubrizol has decades of experience developing patented, unique technologies that serve as the basis for our high performing dispersants, specialty additives, resins and waxes for paints and coatings—technologies that streamline formulations, improve application efficiency and reduce cost-in-use.

Our portfolio of solutions for paints and coatings deliver exceptional corrosion prevention, chemical and stain resistance, scratch and mar endurance, barrier properties, controlled adhesion, and color development through improved pigment dispersing and stabilization. And, we continue to enhance sustainability benefits through a commitment to high-solids, water-borne low VOC technologies.

We are committed to working closely with customers to develop dispersants for paints and coatings and all of our other paints and coatings products based on our unique technologies to fit their needs while also delivering outstanding value. Using our extensive expertise and technical knowledge, we ensure each customer has exactly the right solution for their needs and we do it extremely efficiently by working together to develop the appropriate solutions.

Typical Applications

Lubrizol dispersants for paints and coatings, and specialty additives, resins and wax for paints and coatings are used across many industries in a wide range of applications. At a high level, these include protective coatings, building and construction coatings, transportation coatings and industrial OEM coatings.


Lubrizol technologies commonly used in the paints and coatings market include dispersants, resins, wax additives, and specialty additives.

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