Building & Construction Coatings

Building and construction coatings have high demands placed on them to  protect and make more durable interior and exterior surfaces for building and construction applications. These coatings are relied upon—often under high demanding conditions—to protect and make better constructions. From floors to roofs, for indoor and outdoor applications and for decorative and the most demanding performance requests, Lubrizol can offer the best performing resins technologies while also addressing the most stringent sustainable and environmental requirements.

Lubrizol offers the market expertise and application knowledge in building and construction coatings needed to deliver value across the supply chain, from coatings manufacturers to architects, builders and building owners. We offer an advanced portfolio of resins, polymers, dispersants, and surface modifiers, plus the technical acumen and flexibility to offer comprehensive support to ensure success in the final product.

We continue to develop innovative technologies that align with needs in building and construction coatings to deliver high performing products that support disruptive technologies and new alternative construction materials while being more sustainable and safer and easier to use.

With advanced Lubrizol technologies, coatings manufacturers can improve coating performance and production efficiency. Contractors and architects can shorten construction schedules and reduce labor costs. Property owners will enjoy long-lasting, visually appealing surfaces with greener and user-friendly technologies free of hazard and regulated substances.

In liquid reflective roof coatings, Lubrizol resins offer reliable protection against weathering, dirt pick-up and ponding water damage. Our additives disperse pigments that promote reflectivity, which results in lower energy costs for building owners.

For concrete coatings, Lubrizol resins and additives ensure excellent protection, excellent color retention and resistance to water, efflorescence, carbonation and dirt pick-up.

In wood coatings and floor coatings, our polymers can be an integral part of tough, long lasting, beautiful finishes by delivering core properties that enable coatings to be more durable, easy to use and user friendly, always complying with the most indoor air quality regulations.


Technologies commonly used in building and construction applications include dispersants, resins, wax additives, and specialty additives.

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