Turboset™ Self-Crosslinking Polyurethanes

Turboset™ self-crosslinking polyurethanes bring a unique combination of high performance and ease of use to wood coatings. They provide performance comparable to 2K water-borne urethane systems on gym, residential, and commercial floors and furniture and joinery in an easy to use 1 component product.

For wood floors, Turboset polyurethanes provide black heel mark resistance and scuffing and abrasion resistance previously only available in 2K systems, enabling floors that maintain beauty longer with less frequent recoating. A novel crosslinking mechanism eliminates exposure to the crosslinker and errors that could happen during the weighing and mixing of a crosslinker component. This also eliminates pot-life concerns and product waste associated with material that has had the crosslinker added but is not used before it sets up.

For wood furniture and joinery, Turboset polyurethanes provide the hardness, scratch resistance and chemical resistance necessary for a beautiful, long-lasting finish.

Turboset self-crosslinking polyurethanes can be formulated for use in contractor or DIY applied coatings.

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