Bio-Based Coating Technologies

The use of renewable materials in coatings and inks is not new. In fact, it continues to grow more common as formulators explore opportunities to expand the sustainability profiles of their products. However, bio-content ingredients must continue to advance, allowing formulators to achieve product life cycle benefits while taking performance capabilities to new levels.

Lubrizol innovates waxes, dispersants, and resin technologies derived from bio-content ingredients. From both naturally occurring and plant-derived constituents, we tirelessly research new ideas that can bring positive impact to customers. Today, our existing portfolio of bio-content containing technologies already offers coating and ink manufacturers powerful tools to bring unique performance while helping them achieve their sustainability initiatives. And just as important, we're committed to continued bio-content technology innovation for years to come.

Wax Additives

To deliver more sustainable inks and coatings, advanced wax additives derived from bio-based sources can be a game-changer. From our Lanco™ Surface Modifiers and PowderAdd™ Micronized Waxes product lines, Lubrizol maintains a portfolio of micronized powders and liquid dispersions/emulsions containing bio-content designed for use in a range of applications, and we are dedicated to continuing to innovate new bio-based waxes that deliver unique capabilities. They are fully or partially based on waxes from plant-based or animal sources, which decrease the consumption of fossil resources and help improve the carbon footprint of coatings and inks without sacrificing performance.

Some bio-containing wax additive products include:

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Solsperse™ Hyperdispersants with bio-based content are not only meeting desired performance expectations, but are helping reduce the environmental impact of coatings, printing inks and particle dispersions. Lubrizol has an existing portfolio of dispersants that are partially or fully based on raw materials derived from plant-based sources to support our customers sustainability targets, and we continue to broaden our range of bio-based dispersing agents.

Some bio-containing dispersant products include:

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Lubrizol offers an innovative and growing portfolio of bio-based, water-based and solvent-based polymers to help customers meet their sustainability goals and achieve compliance with the latest environmental regulations. Our bio-based polymer portfolio, including Aptalon™ Polyamide Polyurethanes and Carboset® Acrylic Resins, is tailored for demanding applications, combining sustainability with high performance. From water-based polyurethane dispersions to high renewable reactive polyols, count on Lubrizol polymers to help solve tough challenges and create new opportunities.

Some bio-containing resin products include:

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