Plastic & Composite Dispersants

Plastic and composite dispersants enhance the performance of colorants and fillers in thermoplastic compounds and thermoset systems. Thermoset dispersants enable lightweighting and improved fire safety, productivity and cost benefits by increasing filler and/or flame retardant content and faster wetting in advanced composites. Dispersants for thermoplastics are used to improve process times and reduce dispersion time, producing fewer defects and reducing filter blockage by using color more efficiently.

Lubrizol’s advanced plastic dispersants under the Solplus™ Hyperdispersants brand are highly effective aids for the dispersion of fillers and pigments in thermoplastic masterbatches and compounds, thermoset composites, plasticizer and polyol dispersions. Our team of experts is dedicated to collaborating with customers to meet their specific dispersing needs and the needs of their customers, while also developing new innovations to expand the formulating window for lightweight materials and offering 100% active and solvent-free dispersants for environmental benefits.

Our plastic dispersant technologies offer the combination of wetting, dispersing and anti-settling benefits, as well as major process and formulation advantages such as dispersing a broad range of pigments, higher solids loading dispersions, reduced viscosities, improved color strength and cost reductions.

Typical Applications

Solplus Hyperdispersants have been developed to meet the needs of the plastic industry for both thermoplastic and thermoset polymers. Our innovative plastic & composite dispersants are efficient at low-density particle and color dispersion to expand formulating possibilities for lightweight materials while enabling reduced energy costs and other performance enhancing features in thermosets and thermoplastics.

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