Engineered Paper

Engineered paper—such as abrasives, tape and premask, and decorative papers—require a range of properties that can be imparted through the use of polymers and binders for paper. These properties might include tear resistance, wet and dry strength, solvent resistance, and durability.

When it comes to engineered paper, our customer relationships go back decades with our market and applications knowledge running deep. Maintaining our leadership position and working in regions around the world helps fuel our technology innovations around polymers for paper while also helping our customer partners grow their business.

In tape and premask applications, Lubrizol polymers enhance the performance of paper both on-and off the machine. Hycar® acrylic resins reduce the risks of delamination and improve tear resistance of both paper tape and premask media. Hycar polymers can also be used in coating components and pre-coats for paper.

In abrasive paper applications, polymeric binders for paper and saturant technologies from Lubrizol are essential ingredients to deliver high performance. Hycar® acrylic resins deliver wet and dry strength, tear resistance and fold endurance. Abrasive paper coating polymer solutions are commonly required for toughening the abrasive paper base and for modification of thermosetting resins.

Lubrizol resin and binder solutions for decorative paper provide durability, solvent resistance, embossability, water resistance and performance for diverse coating needs. Our formaldehyde-free polymer technologies can open markets where traditional polymers face increasing regulation. Hycar® acrylic resins provide superior printable base papers and are ideal for book covers, wallpaper, specialty labels and decorative laminates. Lubrizol urethane polymers provide higher durability and toughness where required.

Lubrizol is a global operation so we can service customers in all regions. Our ability to leverage technologies across a wide range of product platforms and work directly with customers to understand their needs gives Lubrizol the ability to tailor solutions quickly and broadly.


Technologies commonly used in engineered paper applications include resins & binders.

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