Filtration Media

Filtration media requires a number of capabilities and properties, such as wet strength, porosity, particle retention, volumetric flow rate, efficiency and capacity to provide a semi-permeable barrier for liquids or air flow to separate fine particles. Filtration media can vary widely in uses, which requires choosing the right polymers and binders for filtration paper to achieve the desired results.

Lubrizol offers a wide variety of polymers that can be applied to filtration media to enhance performance in applications such as food grade, engine oil, HVAC and cabin air filtration systems. Our binders and polymers for filtration paper can minimize raw material usage and compress manufacturing cycles, helping to create improved profitability opportunities within the filtration industry.

Our extensive portfolio of polymers for filtration paper—which include formaldehyde-free and halogen-free technologies and hydrophobic and hydrophilic options—can help solve common filtration design challenges for liquid and air applications. Our technology can deliver a number of properties and benefits, such as food-contact compliance, flame retardance, heat seal, improved dust holding capacity, a range of Tg values to meet stiffness requirements and more. We also collaborate with customers to address unique filter media demands.


Technologies commonly used in filtration media applications include resins & binders.

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