Hycar® 26315E   Acrylic Emulsion

Hydrophobic Acrylic Latex

Hycar® 26315E is a stiff, hydrophobic polymer with excellent strength and stiffness properties. This resin is also heat sealable and has broad FDA, EU and BfR clearance. Typical applications are ovenable paper coatings, nonwoven & pigment binders, paper saturation & coatings, leather finishes, and adhesives. Due to high Tg value, Hycar 26315E is on the verge of being a non-film former at room temperature; particularly true of thicker films. If plasticizers are not used for room temperature film formation, heat cure films between 100C to 150C. [Dry paper coatings @ 100°C - 110°C; Cure latex paper coating @ 135°C - 150°C] Hycar 26315E is compatible with most common latex compounding chemicals including; pigments, clay, titanium dioxide, thickeners like Carboxy Methyl Cellulose, hydroxy ethyl cellulose and polyacrylic acids and solvents like hexylene and propylene glycol.

Regional Availability: EMEAI

  • Filtration Media 
  • General Paper & Nonwovens 
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