Technical Textile Coatings

Technical textile coatings are used in challenging applications that typically require strength and durability, and even flame retardant properties. Technical textiles can be defined as textile materials and products created more for their technical performance and functional properties rather than aesthetic and decorative characteristics—although those can still be important depending on the application.

As a global specialty chemical company, Lubrizol innovates advanced coating technologies that meet multi-functional, multi-specification requirements to enhance the performance of technical textiles used for a variety of applications.

Our portfolio of resin, polymer, additive and formulated solutions is equipped to formulate a broad range of functional and aesthetic properties, such as flame retardancy, fabric durability, abrasion resistance, tensile strength and water repellence while balancing look and feel characteristics. Our portfolio of flame retardant and fire retardant coatings pass all standard flame retardance test methods using a variety of FR chemistries—creating time to get out and time needed for survival in a crisis.

Our application experts are well skilled in working with customers to put together custom technical textile coatings and protective textile coatings solutions that meet unique requirements. Their market-specific knowledge of what works best for a specific end use is further reinforced by the extensive testing conducted at Lubrizol, using the same testing methodology as our customers.

When protection matters, Lubrizol can deliver the right mix of coating characteristics to meet the most demanding technical textile coating needs.


Technologies commonly used in technical textile coating applications include resins & binders.

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