Custom Textile Formulations

Custom textile coating formulations are used to impart multi-functional properties that improve textile performance by formulating to specific customer needs or even using specific materials that they request in a formulation.

Lubrizol collaborates with customers to formulate coating additives and custom textile coating formulations to their specific needs. Through custom textile formulations, we can create products that enable unique multi-functional characteristics, addressing industry test procedures, customer requirements, equipment specifications and end-use performance.

At Lubrizol, custom formulations might involve using a specific material or chemical a customer specifies, such as a particular anti-microbial or pigmentation. We are committed to working with customers to ensure their requirements are met. Our application experts have extensive experience creating custom solutions and market-specific knowledge to understand what works best for a specific end use in custom textile formulations.


Technologies commonly used in the development of custom textile coating formulations include resins.

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