Home Furnishing Coatings

Home furnishing coatings have to impart strength and durability features while also providing environmentally-conscious solutions for upholstered furnishings, and blinds and drapes. Upholstery coatings can be designed with desired durability, soft feel and UV protection benefits, as well as water repellency. Blind and drape coatings are designed to help a textile perform its best by delivering water repellency and using fabric coating technologies that can deliver light reduction and UV protection.

Lubrizol offers upholstery coatings and blind and drape coatings that enhance the performance of textiles used in a range of home furnishings. Our fabric and upholstery coatings work well with a variety of natural, synthetic and blended fibers to deliver a range of benefits depending on the application, including abrasion resistance, anti-fray, anti-pill and UV protection, as well as options for antibacterial and water-repellent fabric.

We focus on using sustainable raw materials and developing environmentally-conscious, water-based solutions that contain no VOCs, low or no formaldehyde, and are APEO-free. Our global network of research engineers and service experts can individualize a solution to meet your specific technical benchmarks and unique operational and product requirements for home furnishing coatings.

Because we manufacture the polymers we use in our formulations, we can meet supply needs around the world while also being flexible enough to modify our formulations and even the polymers themselves to create new products for unique customer applications.


Technologies commonly used for home furnishing coating applications include resins & binders.

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