Transportation Textile Coatings

Transportation textile coatings have requirements that are more demanding than ever. From on-highway vehicles to planes and trains, transportation textile coatings have to deliver the water resistant, flame resistant, abrasion resistant, and UV protection needed most to ensure consumer safety while also delivering comfort. This challenging sector requires thorough knowledge of the market, testing requirements and the chemistries behind the coating technologies.

Lubrizol has excelled at developing innovative transportation textile coatings, fabric coatings and automotive seat coatings technologies for nearly half a century. We have a team of experts with extensive experience in transportation coatings, thorough knowledge of the individual raw materials to meet the large bank of tests required (flame retardant tests, anti-fogging tests, etc.) and a rigorous set of testing equipment.

Our water-borne transportation textile coatings portfolio improves a broad range of functional and aesthetic properties, such as durability, easy cleaning, stain resistance, flame retardancy, abrasion resistance and water repellence, while balancing required look and feel characteristics, such as comfort, hand, drape and noise dampening.

Our experts also collaborate with customers to develop customized coatings formulas that fit specific application needs—to either modify existing technology or forge a new product advancement to better meet those needs. Regardless of how we get to the final solution, Lubrizol has the expertise and knowledge to balance the complexity of the formulations and the physical requirements needed for transportation textile coatings.


Technologies commonly used for transportation textile coating applications include resins & binders.

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