TPU for Flexible Displays for Mobile Devices

Flexible Displays

Advanced agile materials that offer excellent clarity, conformability and stretch-recovery for foldable, flexible and rollable electronic displays.

Our durable, foldable and stretchable Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) and conductive digital-ink receptive coatings provide excellent recovery for flexible electronic displays to take designs and mobility further. 

Our portfolio of innovative materials along with our materials science expertise, allows concept engineers to bring non-rigid electronics to life and to market.


  • Smartphones
  • e-Writers
  • e-Readers
  • Tablets
  • Laptops

Market Trends for Flexible Displays

The demand to “do more with less” is ubiquitous and video is king; 80% of all internet traffic is video related according to Cisco Systems. As a result 2-for-1 foldable portable electronics such as SmartPhone/Tablet, Tablet/Laptop and Laptop/Television devices will continue to grow in popularity. The trend towards new technology to enable larger viewing areas is evidenced by the ongoing evolution of the first 12” tube-screen television becoming today’s largest 110” flat screen TV. The demand for conveniently portable large scale video is enabled by clear, durable, light-weight materials suitable for electronics applications. To satisfy these needs, electronic designers and manufacturers are moving to bendable, foldable displays and devices.

Together with our materials and expertise, we can help electronics designers and manufacturers achieve the durable-flexible-conformable layers and the proper conductive ink receptive coatings bendable display screens require.

Lubrizol eSolutions for Flexible Displays

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