Estane® ZHF TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane)

Estane® ZHF flame retardant TPU compounds are based on halogen and non-halogen (zero halogen) technologies. They are primarily intended for wire and cable jacketing but also used in hose & tube, injection molding, and fabric coating applications.

Additional flame retardant grades can be found on the Estane 58000 product page, specifically, Estane 58370, Estane 58202, Estane 58211, and Estane 58244.

Product Name Hardness Americas Asia EMEAI Technical Data Sheet
Estane ZHF 78AT3 TPU 78A English
Estane ZHF 80AT3 TPU 80A English
Estane ZHF 82AT3 TPU 82A English
Estane ZHF 90AT0 TPU 91A English
Estane ZHF 90AT2 TPU 88A English
Estane ZHF 95AT3 TPU 95A English

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